Elokuvatyöpaja / Filmmaking session 4.-6.4.2014 Makamikilla!

ImageHi all you film ethusiastics!

There is coming a weekend filmmaking session in Helsinki at 4.-6.4.2014.

The base for working and editing is located in squat Makamik, (Jyrängöntie 1, in Kumpula) and is available for us the whole weekend!

The session starts at 18 pm with a presentation meeting, where everybody introduces themselves and the directors introduce their projects and what is needed to accomplish the films. After that people form working groups independently and start MAKING FILMS!!!

Anybody is welcome to join, no previous experience is needed. The point is that everyboy helps each other, lend equipment and make films in collaboration. If you want to make you’re own film, all you need is an idea. You’ll be presenting you’re idea to the other workshoppers who will help you to make the film happen.

Films will be screened on Sunday evening the 6.4. The location is to be announced later.

The workshop is free! Some coffee will be available at the kinolab, but no lunch or snacks, so everybody bring their own!

And important: The Squat Makamik is a alcohol free place, so no alcohol allowed in the Kinolab.

The registration form can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDdaUDJFbmNwelJ2V0paSkJtOVFGN3c6MA

Deadline for registration is 1.4., don’t miss it!

Hope to see many of you in April in one nice Kino session!


The workshop is organized by cultural association Euphoria Borealis ry.

More information from our website: http://www.euphoriaborealis.net

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