Zapatista info at Makamik (tuesday 20.5.)


The constantly war against Zapatistas autonomous communities has taken the life of many Zapatistas including children, elderly people and pregnant women. The so named low intensity war or dirty war affects the daily struggle to construct Zapatista autonomy. The murder of the Zapatista teacher Jose Luis Solis Lopez (Galeano) is the clear example of the paramilitary siege which has not decrease during all these years. The financial support and the impunity given by the different political parties to conduct this war around autonomous communities in Chiapas, is the clear example to spread fear and destruction of the autonomous movement. The actions taken by the Mexican government since the cease of fire on 1994 which the  (EZLN) the Zapatista Army of National Liberation stop the war and the Mexican army, has not stopped. The repression by different means as the many projects of contra insurrection near the autonomous communities or the caracoles Zapatistas still present in the whole region. The support and training of the different groups settled and transformed into paramilitary fractions is one of the many aggressions suffered this 20 years of the EZLN resistance and the construction of the autonomous movement. Destruction of the infrastructure, Zapatistas killed and the threats to children, woman and men on the autonomous communities is a constant action. By this means the response from the EZLN is not armed not because they do not have weapons, is because they try to avoid the violence between indigenous people and the killing of the same.

This is why we ask people who are interested to support and construct solidarity towards the Zapatista movement. Join us tomorrow 20th of May at 16:00 at Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1, Helsinki) autonomous place to express their repulsion towards paramilitary siege. The solidarity action proposed is free for the people who would like to attend you can bring some banners, play some music or letters to the family of the compañero Galeano. We will present more in detail the actions taken around the world and the situation in Chiapas and we will take some photographs which will be sent to the Zapatistas and a possible video of all the actions done in Helsinki.

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