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What is Makamik?

The Makamik house was squatted in 2013, and later made a symbolic rent contract with a board of Helsinki city, the house is city owned. The space is managed by voluntary, equal basis. Decisions are made using consensus method in open house meetings, where any one can participate. The space doesn’t have closed collective running it, taking care of house is in every users responsibilities. There are house principals, in which limits any one can organize happenings and use the space. Any kind of discrimination is not accepted in Makamik. That means no racism, sexism or other kind of oppressing behaviour. Also party politics are not welcome.
Activities in Makamik don’t seek profit for itself or any persons own good. All the profit if made in happenings is used for running the house or for grass-root level political campaigns, which are decided together.

Adress: Jyrängöntie 1, Kumpula, Helsinki.
The house is located towards east from Botanic Garden, to the direction of Arabia, in the hill of Kumpula University campus. There’s picture in finnish page.


About principles:

-The decisions are made using consensus method
-Nobody has permanent special status, which would rule over others
-Creating safe atmosphere for everyone is important, oppressing behaviour can’t be ignored
-The principals and practises are made by people who participate in the space
-Makamik is sober space. That means alcohol or other substance for ”party purposes” are not welcome in the space or in premises.
-Party politics are not welcome, because of unequal structures of them. This applies to any kind of hierarchical organisations.

How to organise an event in Makamik:

You are welcome to organise your own meeting, open event etc. in Makamik, when it happens in the limits of house principals. The organisers of the event must make sure that all the people participating the event respect the principles, even the alcohol/drugfree policy. The principles apply also in the yard.

Contact the e-mail address   when you want to organise in Makamik. You can contact also just to get more info or help.

Practical instructions about the place

Shoes are not used inside. Leave them in the first room. This way is easier to keep the house clean.

There’s a small kitchen, but no running water, so the space is not the best for cooking big amounts of food. It’s possible though. You can find coffee machine, toaster, sink etc. in the house. If the coffee consumption in your event is large bring more coffee.

The water is fetched from Botanic Garden with big containers. You’ll find small cart with ropes for this in the kitchen. The tap with a tube is located in the yellow stone house; turn right after the gates. Notice that the house is private home of gardeners who are helping us. If you meet people (for example staff) in there, you can ask for the water and explain that you come from Makamik, and the water deal has been made earlier with people who live in the building.

During the winter the tap is closed, and water fetching is taken care of in the house meetings.

For irregular events the person opening the door will help with the heating system. For regular happenings organisers are informed personally about using the oven.

Donating proper fire wood is welcome. Please bring only dry wood without paint. You can leave the donation in the wood shelter in the yard.

Problems and principles

Like said before, the organisers must make sure the principles of the house are respected. If some kind of problematic behaviour occurs, organisers and other participants must react to this.

Asking entrance fee is not allowed. All the events must be free of charge. Asking voluntary donations (for example to artists traveling costs) is ok, but people can not be pressured to pay.

After the event

Event organisers will take care of cleaning afterwards.


-Returning items in their original places

-Cleaning tables

-Sweeping or vacuum the floors

-If needed, beating the dust out from the carpets

-Taking the trash out of the house

-Emptying the dirty water bucket

-Emptying the bio waste to outside composter (see the instructions in kitchen or in composter)

Organiser of the event is the last person to leave the house, and they must also inform the participants when to leave the house.



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  1. Hi, I was told that you are doing some Guerrilla Gardening too. As I am writing a research paper In Aalto ARTS about public participation Guerrilla Gardening is one of my main topics discussed. Could you please contact me as I have further questions?


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